The Buckingham Palace has just announced that Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate, has given birth to a baby boy. Now the first thing after the hearing this news you would want to know “how does the baby boy look like?”. Well it seems the picture of the royal baby has been leaked online! Yes folks, the picture of the royal baby boy is here! Check out the leaked picture of the royal baby below!

Royal Baby Picture Leaked

Duchess of Cambridge had gone into labour today around 6 a.m (local time). She was rushed off to St. Mary’s Hospital accompanied by Prince William. As soon as the news hit that Kate Middleton had been rushed in to St. Mary’s Hospital, the world’s media turned their attention there.

Since the announcement of Royal baby boy’s birth, the response from Twitter and Facebook has been overwhelming. The hastags #RoyalBaby #RoyalBabyWatch have been trending world-wide ever since.